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Garage Doors Repair Projects in Stratford CT

Our professional garage door technicians have the knowledge and the experience required to take care of anything from bent tracks to broken springs and more. Take a look at the projects below to see how we recently helped other local homeowners with various issues.

Garage Door Installation Nearest Stratford CT

Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: The previous owners’ nonexistent maintenance habits made this customer’s garage door look unattractive.
Our Solution: Mr. Whitney wanted to be on the safe side and insisted we replace the whole system. We sat down with Mr. Whitney and helped him choose a model that would best suit his needs and style. When we returned, we took down the existing mechanism and installed a new one. A few adjustments later and we were on our way, leaving our customer to enjoy his brand new door.

Kurt Whitney - Stratford
Roller Replacement | Devon | Bridgeport, CT

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: One of Mrs. Berreta’s garage door rollers went abruptly flying off during operation.
Our Solution: The hardest part of roller replacement is raising the garage door off of its housing to get access without damaging the tracks. After that, removing the faulty hub and installing a new roller on it was a quick and easy task, but followed by the more strenuous one of putting the door back into place.

Margot Berreta - Devon
Opener Installation in Trumbull | Garage Door Repair Stratford, CT

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Opener upgrade.
Our Solution: We inspected the whole system for any glitches before disconnecting the old unit and tightening a couple of bolts. Since everything else was fine, we proceeded with installing Genie model 2028 (belt drive), programmed the remote and tested it before leaving.

Walter Cummings - Trumbull
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Stratford, CT

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Garage door torsion spring broke.
Our Solution: We removed the damaged component and checked several other parts – like the panels and the cables – to ensure they weren't damaged when the malfunction occurred. We then fitted a new unit in place of the old spring and made adjustments to its tension to ensure it was capable of supporting the weight of the door.

Lars Tuchovski - Stratford
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Stratford, CT

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged panels.
Our Solution: We assured the customer that only the damaged parts need replacing, since he had a sectional garage door. We obtained new panels from the door's original manufacturer, and then proceeded to take down the old sections and replace them with the new ones.

Bob Lee - Stratford
Garage Door Off Track | Garage Door Repair Stratford, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: Bent garage door tracks.
Our Solution: As we inspected the customer's door we quickly discovered what had caused the malfunction. Bends in one of the tracks forced a couple of rollers out. We repaired the damaged section, then popped the rollers back in and made sure the door moved up and down smoothly again.

Gwen Jackson - Stratford

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