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Garage Doors Repair Projects in Fairfield CT

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Garage Door Installation Near Fairfield CT

Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Mrs. Decker needed a way to make her home more secure.
Our Solution: We guided Mrs. Decker through various models and options and helped her decide the one that was right for her family. We took down the door that was there as well as the opener and installed the upgraded models. We made sure the rest of the components were in good condition and made some minor adjustments. Last but not least, we programmed the opener and showed Mrs. Decker how to use the mobile application.

Anita Decker - Fairfield
Garage Door Off Track | Black Rock | Fairfield, CT

Garage Door Off Track

Customer Issue: A minor car accident pushed this customer’s garage door out of its tracks.
Our Solution: The damage to the garage door’s tracks and panels was very minor, so the customer just wanted the door put back into place. Manually lifting it off of its tracks and then lowering the rollers back in from the top was a strenuous, but simple, operation.

Kaan Piya - Black Rock
Opener Remote Control Failed in Southport | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Opener Remote Control Failed

Customer Issue: Remote not working.
Our Solution: We checked the usual culprits, but the batteries were not the issue here. Since the opener worked perfectly when in manual mode, we reprogrammed the Chamberlain 890MAX remote and everything went back to normal. We also applied lubricant to moving components, which made the door move more smoothly.

Noah O’Reily - Southport
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Broken spring.
Our Solution: We started by getting rid of the broken unit and then gave the entire system a thorough examination to ensure nothing else broke. After installing a new spring and adjusting its tension, we operated the system a number of times to ensure the door's opening was smooth and balanced.

Jeannie Michelle - Fairfield
Track Replacement | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Door gets stuck when it reaches a certain point.
Our Solution: A quick examination led us to discover that a certain part of the right horizontal track had been severely dented, which meant the rollers couldn't move through. We replaced the damaged section and the problem was solved.

George Humbert - Fairfield
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Fairfield, CT

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Worn motor gear.
Our Solution: The empty whirring sound the opener was making left little room for doubt. The motor gear had worn out, so we removed it and installed a new gear that was more durable. Before leaving, we made sure the opener had no other problems.

Kevin Hugh - Fairfield

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